Isn't this from R2DA, WHAT!?

— LeBombastique
Xmas Tree
Hack n' slash your enemies with this Christmas-themed sword, light included!
Type of Weapon Secondary Melee
Price 1,000$
Damage 34
Number of Hits 1
Energy Usage 5
Implemented Remastered V1.7


Very similar to the Christmas Tree from Reason 2 Die: Awakening. The Xmas Tree deals decent damage, moderate swing speed and low stamina usage, good for beginners because of its low cost, if you managed to get it when it was still on-sale. Has a unique swing trail and particle on hit, also sticks to your back, similar to other secondary weapons.

Background Information

To celebrate the Christmas season, a group of survivors started painting swords to look like Christmas trees and start selling them for other survivors to use. After the season ended, the group disappeared, nobody know what happened to them, some said they got eaten by zombies, others say they'll come back next Christmas. One thing's for sure though, these do make for a good collectable.


  • Remember, you can sprint with this weapon.


  • Were taken off sale sometime in 2018, due to the fact that Christmas ended.
  • This is most likely based off of the Xmas Tree from R2DA Christmas Event 2015 after you kill the Yeti.
  • Before being a purchasable weapon, this was exclusive to staff members only.
  • This is the second R2DR exclusive weapon, the first being Supporter Gift.
    • In terms of context, however, the Supporter Gift may not be counted as a weapon.
  • After the Christmas Update in 2018, this weapon now has a particle, better damage, a trail, and back equip.