Now you can be the Engineer from Team Fortress 2, or Torbjörn from Overwatch!

A handy tool that can be used to repair Turrets, Vans and doors.
Type of Item Repair Tool
Uses 10
Price 25$
Implemented N/A


OH BOY! Now I can finally be Torbjörn from Overwatch! Or.. or.. Engineer from Team Fortress 2! Or... Barik from Paladi- wait, is Paladins still relevant? Who cares! Barik from Paladins! Pretty much every Engineer in a team based game! With this thing you can finally repair your damaged belongings! Vans, turrets, doors- I don't think that you own those doors.. or turrets. Or that white van over there with some creepy guy in it saying that he's giving away free candy. Oh well! You get the point. You can repair things with the Wrench. Pretty much every damaged object can be repaired.


  • Useful for camping as it repairs turrets.
  • Useful for fortifying buildings as it repairs doors.
  • Can be used to repair vans.


  • The Wrench is first and only repair tool in Reason 2 Die
  • The Wrench forces you to look in the direction of what you are repairing.
  • You cannot use this as a melee,