• + means the addition of anything.
  • ^ means the edit of a feature.
  • * means the patch of a problem.
  • - means the removal of something.
  • < means something coming soon.

Update Number System:

Alpha v0.0.1 - v0.0.5

Remastered v0.0.1 - v0.0.5

Remastered V.1.1 - V.1.8

Remastered 4.7.14a - Current

Remastered v.6.8

+ New Years Event!
+ PlaceWork (Kill 10 Tanks in 1 game session)
+ Kazoomka [ITEM]
* Fixed xmas vest some more
* Improved saving

Remastered v.6.7

+ Gift opening
+ Ice Vest
- Gatekeeper
- Gift hunting

Remastered v.6.6a

+ Gifts obtainable from Boss chest
+ Item descriptions in shop
+ Ice Sledge in shop
+ Event Item preparations 
* Bug fixes

Remastered v.6.6 [Christmas Update]

+ Gift Hunting (Requires 10 players. Gifts spawn once on maps)
+ Ice Sledge [EVENT WEAPON]
+ ICE ELEMENTAL (Press E as an elemental)
+ New Bloxcoast (Xmas) [MAP]
+ Snow to most maps
+ Snowball [ITEM]
+ Candy Cane [ITEM]
+ Extra mod commands
^ Buffed Katana damage (30 -> 45)
^ Buffed chainsaw damage (50 -> 65)
^ Buffed Xmas Tree
* Fixed no tank zone platform
* Fixed turrets wasting ammo on zombies
* Fixed ammo stations no clearing after rounds
* Fixed many other bugs
* Fixed some security issues

Remastered v.6.5 [End of Halloween Update]

+ GIFTS OPEN! (Items are Skulltie, and Halloween Guns.)
+ Hunter [MOB] 
+ Strawhat [Armor] 
+ Officer Vest
+ Zombie vests (random chance)
+ OBJ gamemode to Campfire Chaos 
+ Objective text at the start of rounds
* Fixed smoker tongue
* Many bug fixes
* Fixed pipebombs (which later ended up being broken again)
^ New and pre-release tags in shop
- Removed halloween event
+ Smoker & Normal Zombies can now randomly spawn with a Fire, Standard, Military, or Officer Vest
^ EXP changes for Ranks 16+ to make ranking up a little harder
^ Tank now has 1550HP
* Fixed Various Bugs
The Platypus helicopter being under the map
Spectating Fixed
^ New Moderation System

Remastered v.6.4 (500k Update) [Halloween Update]

+Added Lord Pumpkin
+Added Halloween Obby(edited)
+Added Firebreather
+Added Boomer
+Added Halloween Vest
+Added Pumpkin Bomb
+Added Gifts
+Added Flamethrower
+Halloween Event
+Added Molotov
+Added Pipebomb
* Major Turret Changes
+Added Wrench
* Improved King Cake
+ Added Badges for both King Cake and Lord Pumpkin
* Glitch fixes
+Added staff tags
+fixed stuck without being able to move after new round
*Recoded round win and lose logic (should no longer bug out)

Remastered v.6.3a

* Confidential staff list update
< Pumpkin event coming soon!

Remastered v.6.3

* Fixed uzi sound
* Fixed losing leaderboard
+ Added rank locks
^ Added more spawns to Toy Factory
+ Theme start music
+ SBF music
^ Increased crawler chance on Lay By
+ Supply crates
* Fixed running with added items
+ Turrets
^ Corrected MP5 reload sound
* Fixed minigun bug
^ Items and vests in loadout now save
^ Improved and more accurate gui tweening
+ Subscribe button
+ RPG-7
+ Double EXP fridays

Remastered v.6.2d

* Everyone with negative cash should have their cash automatically be set back to zero.
* Fixed rambo knife.
* Possibly patched negative cash exploit
^ Banned Chinalake from FFA.
^ Disabled the feature to buy in game cash until cash exploit is patched.

Remastered v.6.2c

^ Fall damage now starts at 45 studs instead of 35 studs.
* Fixed new players not showing up in lobby.
^ Adjusted text size on join game gui so longer player names can be more readable.

Remastered v.6.2b

^ Confidential commands script for staff update.
^ Fall damage now starts at 35 studs instead of 30 studs.

Remastered v.6.2a

* Fixed zombie chooser GUI not showing up.

Remastered v.6.2

^ Made the AK-47 pitch higher to sound more like old r2d.
+ Added fall damage
^ Commands script for the staff really works now.
* Fixed players purchasing things from live store during MMA.
^ Fences on Campfire Chaos is now fatal.
* Fixed players from dropping medkits.

Remastered v.6.1a:

- Removed Katana due to unfinished update, will come back soon.

Remastered v.6.1:

+ Katana [Unreleased melee]
+ Frank and Cowboy guy added
* Duck fixed
     + New MMA game mode on No Mercy, and Oil Rig. ( MMA game mode will be on Campfire Chaos later on.)
     * Fixed cam button is fixed.
+ Added med kit. [ Will get changes in the future ].
^ Updated leaderboard GUI to look more like old r2d.
^ Improved inventory GUI design
* Fixed admin commands.
^ Made Famas slightly more noisy.
^ Loading map GUI is now shows the theme what ever you set it to and the menu music doesn’t stop any more.

^ Confidential security update.

Remastered v.6:

^ Famas F1 available in store

Remastered v.5a:

* Fixed RedLaserGun inventory glitch (?)
^ Enabled VIP servers

Remastered v.5:

+ Campfire Chaos [Map]
+ The Port [Map]
+ FAMAS F1 [Unreleased gun]
+ MP5 [Gun]
+ Chinalake [Gun]
+ Grenades
+ Flak Vest
+ ENRGY Drink
+ Survivor & zombie live store
  + Added C4 crawlers n' all that other stuff
+ Halloween Theme (Settings > Themes)
+ Glass breaking
^ Made it easier for zombies to break down doors
^ Increased all gun ranges
^ Added slide doors to all maps
^ Made part blood visible for everyone
^ Optimized weapons, melees, and zombies
*Tons of bug fixes
(and so much more....)


* Fixed fireworks not being given to players
* Fixed Crawler spawn rate
* Fixed zombie spawn glitch (?)
* Fixed server minigun sound
* Fixed crawler reward
- Tank rocks making you sit


+ Added crawler (Zombie)
+ Colt M1911 [GUN]
+ Hyper Pistol [MOD GUN]
+ Firework [ITEM] 
+ Minigun [GUN]
+ Crowbar [MELEE]
+ Flamethrower [test release]
+ Event Items
+ Added ModCall (Request mods if there is a hacker/glitcher/abuser)
+ Special loading messages
+ Military Vest
+ Added freecam
* Mod call menu now draggable (MODS ONLY)
* Fixed LayBy vote
* Improved M.S. map
* Made bullets look classic
* Buffed stamina regen (x2)
* Fixed mouse icons for melee weapons
* Added filter to mod call
^ Added throwing + knife jumping to Rambo Knife

Remastered V.1.8:

+ Added Lay By (Map)
+ Added and fixed spas (Gun)
* Normal bug fixes that you don't care about
* Hopefully fixed duck explosion
* Fixed normal zombies not giving cash

Remastered V.1.7:

+ Added Platypus (Map)
+ Added M.S Antares (Only Admins can vote) 
+ Added ToyFactory (Map)
+ Added SBF (Snowball fight gamemode)
+ Added rescue to Platypus
+ Added christmas sword
* Did a few bug fixes.

Remastered V.1.6:

+ Added force theme to christmas
+ Added new christmas middle image
+ Added Christmas maps
+ Added pillz (Item)
+ Added AK (Weapon)
+ Added Rambo (Weapon) (no throw yet)
+ Added Uzi (Weapon)
+ Added Tinpot (Weapon)
+ Added Bat (Weapon)
+ Added Oilrig (Map)
+ Added boat sink to Oilrig
+ Added FFA (Gamemode)
+ Added spectate
+ Added LiveStore (Only survivors can use currently)
+ Added Van
+ Added radio (Gamepass)
* Fixed Map duplicating twice
* Fixed Tank throw (Tank is now a lot more op)
* Fixed zombie hybrid (Let me know if you keep seeing this)
* Fixed gun dropping

Remastered V.1.5a:

+ Added Cash prize
+ Added PP prize
+ Added glass breaking
^ Lowered door hit limit and denounce is now per user
* Fixed map merge bug
* Fixed other bugs

Remastered V.1.5:

+ Added multiple lose music
+ Added Revolver (Gun)
+ Added Sniper (Gun)
+ Added M16 (Gun)
+ Added Shotgun (Gun)
+ Added vest 
+ Added Cafe County (Only admins can vote)
+ Added Portland (Map)
+ Added a way for zombies to break doors (15 hits, may lower later)
+ Added tank limit
+ Added emotes (Normal emotes +' /e sit'  + '/e insane')
+ Added a new zombie clothing system (If you find any loading issues to do with zombies, just post in group)
+ Added loadout save to primary
+ Added loadout save to secondary
+ Added ammo station refill
* Fixed equipping guns while held by smoker
* Fixed tank spawning
* Fixed tank theme trigger
* Fixed music timings
* Fixed bug causing menu theme to stop playing after a whole round has been completed

Remastered V.1.3:

+ Added map vote
+ Added No mercy
+ Added Boathouse
+ Added Cafe County (Only admins can vote)
+ Added Handgun (Refill is being worked on)
+ Added doors
+ Added buy cash
+ Added lose condition
+ Added lose sound
+ Added last man standing music
+ Added next map command (Admins only)
+ Added mods to list
* Fixed music not muting if your save was loaded with mute
* Fixed cheaters staying on windows in no mercy
* Fixed winscreen bug
* Fixed various bugs that would have broken game (WAYYY too many to list)
- Removed default baseplate

Remastered V.1.2:

*Fix Small Bug
*Fix Door
                         +Add nm to change map and mode command (Admin only)

Remastered V.1.1:

*Fix Zombie Health Bar
*Fix Survivor Body Part Gone
+Add No Mercy 
+Add Door (Broken)
+Add Farm Mode
+Add Cafe Country from R2DA (Cause this is remastered)

Remastered V.1.0:

+Add Reset Round (When all Survivor Die)
^ Save System (Cash)
+Add Vote Map
+Add Boat House
+Add Gun (Remasstered Version)
^ Handgun (Gun)
-Remove Ragdoll (Causing lot of glitch)

Remastered v0.0.5:

 +Add Smoker (Zombie)
-Can Buying with 65$
+Lay By (Map) (WIP)
+Add Ragdoll  
^ Elm Mode
+Add Round Restarting
 ^ Only Winning
                          *Fix some small bug
                            >Vote System

Remastered v0.0.4:

 +Add Admin/Mod/Dev Command
-Kill Command (Mod/Admin/Dev Only)
-Respawn Command (Admin Only)
-God Mode Command (Admin Only)
-Warn Command (Mod/Admin/Dev Only)
-Kick Command (Mod/Admin/Dev Only)
-Ban Command (Mod/Admin/Dev Only)
-Cash (Admin Only)
+Add Duck (Required Support Pass)
 -Random Spawn (Need Support Pass)
+Add Tank Buying 
+Add Buying System
Duck:Free (Required Support pass)
  >Vote System

Remastered V0.0.3:

+Added leaderboard,
+Tank boulder now gives cash for kills
+Tank roar can now be heard by everyone
*Fixed chat not displaying,
*Fixed tank debounce (Can throw again after .8 seconds after boulder is released)
*Fixed mute button not showing,

Remastered v0.0.2a:

+Zombies can now receive money by defeating survivors
+You can now buy zombies
>Buying ducks while having duck pass being added soon
*Fixed healthbar text scaling
*Fixed bug causing player leaderboard glitches in menu

Remastered v0.0.2:

*Fixed hundreds of bugs
*fixed tank aim
                          +added back join late
                          *fixed all healthbar issues 
+added snow to winter themes
+new zombie spawn system
+new more efficient invetory system
+new cloth storing system
+added sprint
*no more map merging
*no more mutated into eachother zombies
-temp removed party system
-temp removed guns
-temp removed leaderboard
>party system
>restarting rounds
*lots of other changes too.

Remastered v0.0.1:

+DeadPlaza [MAP]
+Smoker [MOB]
*Fixed tons of bugs

25K Visit Update (Update Alpha v0.0.4):

+Colt M1877 [GUN]
+AK47 [GUN]
+Thompson [GUN]
+Shotgun [GUN]
+Supporter gift [ITEM]
+No Mercy [MAP]
+Campfire Chaos [MAP]
^BP Vest now purchasable
^Fire Proof Vest now purchasable
^Leaderboard now show your color name is either zombie color or survivor color instead of
^Tank now has insta-kill rocks and range improved
*Working shop/inventory
<Nothing else yet... (Coming Soon)

Update Alpha v0.0.3b:

^Leaderboard now show who is zombie or survivor (Orange = you, Blue = Survivors,
Green = zombies)
*Fixed few small bugs
*Fixed chat (pretty much everything broke before)

Update Alpha v0.0.3a:

+Added Sniper [GUN]
+Added ban/kick system
+Added Live store
*Fixed blackscreen bug?

Update Alpha v0.0.2:

+Added Winscreen
*Tank health now 1350 HP

Update Alpha v0.0.1:

+Cake command (say 'cake' in game as a survivor. Only one per survivor)
+Sit command (say '/e sit' in game to sit)
+Add mod / dev commands (no need to know them)
+Added money
+Added money saving
+Added healthbar plus cash display
+Added M1 Garand [GUN]
*Fixed some of faceless zombie bug
*Fixed chat issues (still working on mobile fix)