Developed by lieutenant Uziel Gal, you're the man with the plan using this weapon. Not to mention it also looks cool.

The UZI is an Automatic Submachine Gun. It closely resembles a T.
Type of Weapon Primary Firearm
Price 3,400$
Damage 22
Reload Time 1.8s
Ammo / Round 20/2 (60 total)
Firing Mode Auto
Implemented Remastered V1.6


With this gun, you're the man with the plan, blasting out the brains of zombies with the UZI. This weapon is really popular amongst gangsters, but it isn't that good, statistically speaking. The MP5 is technically better than this weapon, though it has more spread. In real life, this weapon has a range of 25 metres. This could explain why the "gangsters" always miss their shots with such weapons. That, plus their lack of firearm training and the inability to straighten their arms.


  • This is probably the first automatic you'll own so use it well!
  • Use for clearing hordes of normal zombies.
  • Keep your distance from Tanks and Smokers when using this to stay safe.


  • The UZI is shaped like a T.
  • The UZI has a slow automatic firerate.