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This hasn't been added to R2DR

This feature hasn't been added to R2DR yet, however, it may in the future

The least this mighty weapon can do is give the undead papercuts! Oh wait, it's not even made out of paper?


Toy Sword is for fun while riding your mount! Besides knocking your opponents off their feet, it also has a "Charge!" animation if you press Q.

Type of Weapon Secondary Melee
Price Unknown
Damage 0
Effects Tripping
Implemented N/A


All other weapons can't be ridden with the Bunny Mount because they far too heavy (but why not the Handgun?) That is except the mighty Toy Sword! However, it's quite expensive for 135R$. It can't even do damage! The most this can do is charge at a Tank and knock it down but that's it. I want a refund PlaceRebuilder!


  • Purchase at your own discretion.
  • Can be used while riding the Bunny Mount.


  • Only weapon able to be used with the bunny mount, and could not be used on the Easter Bunny Race map, which has since then been removed.
  • Strangely still in pre-release (R2D 2014).
  • This is basically the most useless thing or weapon in R2D right after the baseball.
  • Still the only weapon to cost ROBUX (R2D 2014).