Is this where Santa Claus kills zambies and makes presents?

Toy Factory
Made by Someone (R2D 2014)

Someone (R2DR)

Gamemodes Snowball Fight [SBF]
Ammo Stations ?
Supply Boxes ?
Implemented Remastered V.1.7


Toy Factory is one of the older maps to be added before the overhaul of R2D 2014. It was created in 2012, and re-vamped a bit but was re-added for the Christmas Event 2014 for R2D 2014 with some changes. It is also the first map to give items mid game but doesn't keep it in the player's inventory. This only happened during the Christmas event.

The Toy Factory is one large building with a courtyard.

The Toy Factory is a colorful building with a two wooden doors, there is also a sled in the back, where the presents will fall to.

There are gifts scattered around the map, and some are on the conveyor belt that goes from the control room to the back. Toy Factory is the only map with it's own unique music.


  • Camping on the roof of the Toy Factory is an effective way to avoid zombies, but this also leaves you vulnerable to Cavebats.
  • Since the back metal gates do not work for now, try not to stay inside the factory for too long, as there is only one entrance and exit, in which zombies such as the Smoker can prevent you from getting out of the factory and kill you.
  • Watch where you go outside! This map isn't very large in length and width, easily causing you to fall off and die if you are unaware.


  • First Christmas map in the R2D Series.
  • This is the first map to support Snowball Fights in R2DR.