Ahhh, the tank... One of the oldest and most anger inducing zombies to exist today, if they had melees they'd shame those pesky Brutes in R2DA... This is why tanks are clearly superior imo. Tank for the win!

Me Smash
The Tank is one of the Special Infected. All Tanks appear to be bigger, stronger and larger than the other zombies.
Cost 300$
Reward 100$
Health 1350 HP
Speed 16
Implemented Before Alpha v0.0.1


Punch: 10 DMG
F key
Rock Throw: After a short delay, the Tank tosses a large rock. If a survivor is hit, they are instantly killed. On impact with a surface or survivor or after travelling a certain distance, the boulder breaks into small fragments that can trip.


Tanks. As the name implies, tanks are devastating, big and tough. A Tank is a gargantuan grayish zombie that can create chaos in its path and throw pure concrete towards its victims, which can and will lead to Insta-kill if it hits a survivor. Since to its big body, the tank's shirt cannot be seen so it's considered "ripped-off" from the body mass, but the pants can be seen. They are muscular to pack a punch that deals loads of damage to survivors, and they are unstoppable if they are in a massive group of 3 or more. They are also a damage sponge, but all Tanks are scared of three things: The Minigun, the FAMAS and the RPG. The Tank is always considered as the Devastator class of the game.

Disadvantages and Advantages


  • Music announces a Tank's arrival, and the Tank periodically roars loudly.
  • Weak to Shotgun and Minigun, FAMAS and the RPG.
  • More likely to get hit from any type of weapon due to large size.
  • Can be outsped by survivors due to similar walkspeed.
  • Vulnerable to melees, as they can get tripped, too.
  • Cannot climb ladders or trusses.
  • Vulnerable to explosion damage, as they can get easily flung from weapons like the Grenade, Chinalake and the RPG.


  • Destroys doors, windows and barricades in one hit.
  • Extremely high health.
  • Boulder throws can reach up to very far distances.
  • Boulders will instantly kill survivors if it makes its first collision on them.
  • Small pieces of rock can trip your target and help other zombies take them down.
  • Iceproof.


  • A Minigun or RPG-7 is recommended to kill the Tank.
  • The Tank is commonly blown off the map by a grenade on maps that are open on the edge.
  • Music announces a tank's arrival, so be alert when you here this sound.
  • Abuse it being slow and having very little ranged capabilities by getting on higher ground than the tank.
  • Make sure you don't underestimate the tanks rock throw, or else it might lead to your doom.
The Tank

The Tank


  • This zombie has the highest health out of all the zombies.
    • But 2 other zombies, the Elemental & the Stalker, can regenerate through fire sources & time respectively.
  • The Tank has resized hats.
  • The Tank has an Angry Face to show how much they hate survivors.
  • The Tank sometimes do not have properly colored arms (R2D 2014).
  • The term "Tank Buyer" is thrown around when a single person continuously purchases Tanks or spawns as them extremely often.
  • The Tank is considered the most rage-inducing zombie within the game.
  • There's a rare glitch that creates a blend between another zombie and the Tank (R2D 2014).
  • First Mob to be added to R2DRemake.
  • The Tank can deal more damage per punch, from 10 damage, 20 damage, and 25 damage when hitting the same survivor.
  • During the early stages of Alpha, when the Tank threw a rock, zombies could be teleported to that rock.
  • The Tank's throw length was nerfed compared to R2D until 25K Visit Update.
    • Used to have 1000 HP before Alpha v0.0.2.
  • Carbon copy of the Tank from Left 4 Dead.