Survival Maps
Campfire Chaos DeadPlaza
Oilrig The Port
Platypus Toy Factory
Sewers Portland
New Bloxcoast Lay By
Outskirts No Mercy
Baseplate M.S Antares


Survival [SRV] is a default gamemode which a team of survivors start off and have to survive 5, 8, or 10 minutes. There are generally a small amount of starting zombies, depending on the difficulty and server size. They must work together for the next minutes to survive and win the round. For some of the maps, players must wait an additional 1 minute for the rescue vehicle to set off.


  • Stick together as a team.
  • Bring armor and items to assure maximum protection.
  • Use the Hammer to fortify a small base for other survivors.
  • If you're a zombie, kill as many people possible to increase pressure on survivors.


  • This gamemode is most widely used in the game, tied with Elimination.
  • First gamemode in R2DRemake through Lay By.
    • The gamemode timer was infinite during R2DR's Alpha stage.
    • Lay By has since had Survival removed.