This wonderful gift, It could give you alot of different stuff.. But what will you get?

Supporter Gift
The Supporter Gift is a gift from the Supporter Pass.
Type of Item Robux Item
Price Supporter Pass
Implemented Alpha Update v0.0.4
Damage 1 HP


Given to those who have 100R$ to spare for R2DRemake, this is the first R2DRemake exclusive item. It is currently unknown what reward this gift gives.


  • This only does 1 HP damage at this moment in time, so it isn't really useful yet.


  • This is the first R2DR exclusive item.
  • This is currently a secondary 'melee'.
  • Now, there is something called Tester_Gift that has the same look.
  • An update was created and increased the damage to 20, but was later changed back to 1 damage.