Called a bulletproof vest in-game, but isn't even bulletproof.


This vest allows survivors to take more hits.
Type of Vest Health Booster
Price 50$
Effect +50 HP
Implemented Before Alpha v0.0.1


The most Standard Vest of them all. It gives 50 HP and that's pretty much all it does. It grants you to take more hits, as well. Fun fact: It's called a "bulletproof vest" in the in-game description, but it isn't actually bulletproof. It's just a Standard Vest with no resistance to bullets at all. Don't expect to survive 120 rounds from the Minigun with this thing.


  • The Standard Vest has little to no texture at all.
  • In real life, this would be referred to as a "bullet resistant vest".
  • While added to the game before Alpha v0.0.1, this cannot be used until Alpha v0.0.4 (25K Visit Update) to buy and use it.
  • The mesh for this vest is based of the Nerf Vest, found here