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This hasn't been added to R2DR

This feature hasn't been added to R2DR yet, however, it may in the future

Stop stalking me! Wha-what? LET ME GO!! LET ME GO!! UH NO ZOMBIES ARE MAULING MY FACE.........*dead*

The Stalker is one of the Special Infected. The Stalker has a tall and grey body. He can be purchased for 120$ and the Kill Reward is 25$.
Cost 120$
Reward 25$
Health 150 HP
Speed 30
Implemented N/A


Grab: Disarms

Does nothing - Invisible mode


A very disturbing creature that has special powers. It grabs survivors when they get close and takes them away from the main group to be killed. It turns invisible when idle, and moves quickly. It also has the jumping animation of a hunter. It also plays a foghorn when spawned to alert the survivors of its presence.

Disadvantages and Advantages


  • Recently nerfed in the old R2D and can no longer throw a survivor off a map, when done so, players will teleport back to spawn.
  • You can only buy one per round.
  • There cannot be multiple stalkers at once.
  • They cannot go through doors or tight spaces since they are too tall.
  • They are taller than other mobs, making more bullets to hit them, directly.
  • Makes a loud foghorn that can alert survivors of its presence.


  • Faster than crawler.
  • Can regenerate health.
  • Can jump high enough to get on roofs of small buildings.
  • Disappears when idle for six seconds.


  • One can escape the Stalker's grasp by throwing their Rambo Knife at the stalker.
  • Smokers and zombies can still damage the survivor that you are holding.
    The Stalker

    The Stalker


  • Adapts to the skin of your character.
  • This is the tallest mob, excluding bosses.
  • Inspired by the game called ₮h₴ ₲łⅰރčh.
  • When a zombie kills a human this mob grabs, this mob will die with the human.
  • When a stalker spawns, the sound of a "Tripod" plays from the movie War of the Worlds.
  • This mob is also in Reason 2 Die awakening but the Stalker first started in Reason 2 Die 2014.