You'll never see it coming, and you'll never know what hit you!

The Sniper is a Long Range Sniper Rifle. It's considered to be the most accurate weapon ingame.
Type of Weapon Primary Firearm
Price 4,000$
Damage 150
Reload Time 1.8s
Ammo / Round 1/10 (11 total)


The Sniper a semi-automatic bolt action sniper rifle. It's just amazing for the price, and very powerful for it's tier range. The Sniper Rifle deals 150 Damage on any strike of a limb, even the legs or arms. The Sniper Rifle has the smallest bullet spread in the game, meaning it is extremely the chances of missing a aimed target will not fail. A downfall is that the scope doesn't work. Don't worry though, this weapon is very useful, especially in FFA.

Background Information

In military and law enforcement terminology, a sniper rifle is a precision-rifle used to ensure more accurate placement of bullets at longer ranges than other small arms. It is a common misconception that any scoped rifle is a sniper rifle, and while certain long guns are more suited for the application than others, it is the act of using a weapon strategically as a sniper that designates it as such. A typical sniper rifle is built for optimal levels of accuracy, fitted with a telescopic sight and chambered for a military centerfire cartridge.


  • The Sniper can instakill most of the Infected so don't be afraid to shoot.
  • This cannot kill a Tank in one shot, however, so don't try take aim on that.
    • It is pretty useless on Tanks, but you can use this to steal kills.
  • This weapon doesn't automatically reload after a bullet has been shot, so don't continue on to another target without reloading.
    • Oddly enough, there should be 5 or N/A bullets in each clip because the model has a mag.
  • This is commonly used in FFA because of the damage and accuracy, some of players call it very over powered.


  • The Sniper contains a perfect accuracy; the best in the game.
  • The Sniper uses a Desert Camo.
  • The Sniper will make a quiet sound when shot, instead of loud one.
  • The Sniper has a magazine in its model despite only firing one bullet a time.
  • The Sniper seems to be based off of the M110.
  • This weapon was used in FFA to counter against people with Minigun and Famas, just like the SPAS-12.
  • This weapon used to deal only 100 damage in R2DR Alpha, but was later buffed