Hey, it's the most commonly voted PTK map!

Made by Halgun (R2D)
Green_Sense & rocker1035 (R2DR)
Gamemodes Protect the King [PTK]
Elimination [ELI]
Survival [SRV]
Capture the Flag [CTF]
Ammo Stations 5
Supply Boxes Unknown
Implemented Remastered v0.0.4


There are many buildings in Portland, some buildings are destroyed, and others have interiors. The map also features a bridge where zombies will spawn, above the zone where survivors spawn.


  • Avoid being on the ground, as traveling from building to building can give you a mobile advantage, as you can sprint jump to other structures unlike zombies.
    • Use the signal lights as a shortcut from building to building by walking on top of it.
  • You can circle around the map in multiple ways. Take advantage of that when running from a horde.
  • Long ranged weapons such as the Sniper, Thompson, and M1 Garand work well, as do Ak-47, M16, UZI, and MP5 for close combat assault.
  • During the Christmas event, Ducks can easily hide while moving around in the snowy road. Watch your step this season!