Here is where you can receive a little wink and a nudge on what could be coming to the game! Make sure to spread the word about the upcoming updates!

Confirmed = Will most likely happen. Unkn0wn = May or may not happen.

Try not to be too speculatory while editing this page. There has to be some reasonable ground for your claim. Also, don't overdo anything here; simply state what is being "added" in a simple word.


Add under this section if the elements are confirmed to be added in the next update. Has to be in R2D:R Debug or will defintely be coming to it.

Confirmed Cavebat

Confirmed Blackfield Station


Section for anything that is said to POSSIBLY come into the game by A CREATOR OR ADMINISTRATOR but not EXPLICITLY STATED TO COME.

Unkn0wn Stalker


Place for evidence or proof of upcoming entries to this list.