The rebuilder explosion!

This colorful firework is launched from the ground. Upon detonation it prints a the GLORIOUS face of PlaceRebuilder on the skies, among with side explosions.
Type of Item Firework
Price 10R$
How to achieve Killing 10 Tanks in a single place session, can also be purchased as a gamepass for 10 Robux.
Implemented v6.8


The PlaceWork is a special, limited edition firework, added on the new year update. It can be placed once on a flat surface and creates the face of the creator of R2D, PlaceRebuilder upon exploding.


  • Since PlaceRebuilder's face is not transparent, you can use this in tight enclosed areas to block off vision of a zombie or enemy.


  • The PlaceWork is the first item to ever include a specific player, PlaceRebuilder.
    • The 2nd item to include PlaceRebuilder's face, the 1st being ENRGY