I thought this was place for working, not for killing.

Made by PanzerSchmit (R2D 2014)

Simple_Buildz, mattgrant & LeBombastique (R2DR)

Gamemodes Elimination [ELI]

Survival [SRV]
Free For All [FFA]
Mixed Martial Arts [MMA]

Ammo Stations 4
Supply Boxes ?
Implemented Remastered V.1.6


Oilrig is a seserted oil rig out in the middle of the sea.

It can be one of the hardest maps due to no solid objects below the oil rig.

Surprisingly, the oilrig is still functional as a giant flame can be seen at the highest point of the map.


  • Avoid climbing ladders in a large group!
  • Do not attempt to stay in the sinking boat, cause it will later disappear and you will fall into the water.
  • You can buy pills in FFA mode at the live store.
  • Be sure to always look up when your about to climb up at spawn, as zombies may push you into the water.
  • Go to closed spaces so you don't get knocked off the water.
  • Never block the ladder entrance of the oil rig. Just, don't do it. It holds back the entire team and can result in early death.


  • This is a sequel to Dead Vacation.
  • There were no marks of any use of workers in any part of the Oilrig except some cargo tanks.
  • The first map to have FFA and MMA in R2D 2014.