Objective Maps
Caved In Campfire Chaos
No Mercy Blackfield Station
Subway Buried Alive
Anti-Virus Dead Vacation


Objective [OBJ] is a default gamemode in which a team of survivors start off to find various items to escape the map. There are mostly a small amount of starting zombies, depending on the difficulty and server size. Survivors must work together to find the objective. For most of the maps, players may have to wait a few more minutes for the rescue vehicle to set off.

Objective Walkthrough

Caved In

  • Find four gas cans and put them in the generator; each gas can is worth 10$.
  • Find 3 TNT rolls and put it into the TNT Box. Detonate the TNT. Each TNT is worth 15$.
  • Find 6 survival related items. Each one is worth 20$.
  • Wait 1 minute for the boat to leave.

Campfire Chaos

  • Call for rescue with radio.
  • Find teddy bear; survivor to do so will earn 20$.
  • Wait 1 minute for the plane to leave.

No Mercy

  • Radio for rescue.
  • Wait 5 minutes for the Helicopter to arrive.
  • Wait 1 minute for the Helicopter to leave.

Blackfield Station

  • Find the Flare Gun (which uses a similar mesh to the Revolver) and use it. This is worth 20$.
  • Wait 4-8 minutes for the Bus to arrive.
  • Wait 1 minute for the Bus to leave.


  • Switch on the power source located near the tracks.
  • Use the radio located at spawn to alert a train.
  • Wait 5 minutes for the train to arrive.
  • Wait 1 minute for the train to leave.

Buried Alive

  • Using a shovel, dig rocks to get into the chambers and the map itself. Survivors will earn 50$ doing so.
  • Light your torch with the fireplace in the next chamber and light the maps' torches and lanterns. Survivors will earn 200$ doing so.
  • Find a Bloxy Cola, feed it to Leeroy. He will explode the rocks to allow you to go into the church. This is worth 50$.
  • Talk to the priest and wait for him to remember the password to the basement (5 minutes).
  • Grab the key from the basement and unlock the door to freedom.
  • Jump to the Helicopter but touching it won't teleport you to the winscreen, so you cannot win the map, currently.


The first two objectives MUST be completed before your Virus bar reaches 100% (3-4 minutes).

  • Collect 4 antidotes and place them into the machine.
  • Go into the cleansing tube ONE AT A TIME (otherwise someone will die) while somebody operates the machine.
  • Kill all remaining zombies (not including AI zombies).

Dead Vacation

  • Find five gas cans and put them in the generator. Each one is worth 10$.
  • Radio for help.
  • Wait for 5 minutes for the boat to come.
  • Wait 1 minute for the boat to leave.


  • Someone may find the objective and may troll around with it by not doing it.
  • Certain objectives can be lost and survivors will lose the game (dropping gas cans in the water, zombies pushing the teddy bear into the water etc).


  • One of the first gamemodes in R2D along with Survival.
  • The Caved In Objective is similar to R2DA's Caved In Campagin.
  • When the loading screen was being developed for R2DR, it always said 'OBJ' alongside '410$' reward and 'Extreme' mode.