The ultimate cash farming map, 400 dollars for camping!

New Bloxcoast
Made by

LeBombastique & Green_Sense

UniversalCrack (Xmas Version)

Gamemodes Elimination [ELI]
Survival [SRV]
Infection [INF]
Snowball Fight [SBF]
Ammo Stations N/A
Supply Boxes N/A
Implemented v6.6


New Bloxcoast is a remade map from old R2D. Back then, it was called Bloxcoast. This is a Survival map, and the objective is to survive long enough to get into escape helicopter.

The city presumably was hit by the zombie outbreak, quarantined from the rest of civilisation. The only two ways out are destroyed; the collapsed tunnel and the collapsed bridge. The map features several buildings which you can enter, in which most hold supplies for the survivors. The map also features a construction site, in which you can drive a bulldozer in the streets. The gas station also holds a gas tank, which if shot, explodes and kills any nearby players or AI Zombies.

As soon as you spawn, the Survival timer starts ticking down from 5 minutes. Once the 5 minutes are up, the helicopter arrives and has a waiting time of 2 minutes before it flies off. Which takes 7 minutes in total.

The main building the helicopter arrives at is the tallest one in the city, and is north of where you spawn. Taking the elevator sometimes results in it glitching, so try to take the stairs.


  • Run to the top of the big building because that is where the helicopter will land.
  • The rocky part of the map will trip you, so don't try.
  • You can easily get flung of the map by a C4 Crawler so don't go there.
    • If you're a C4 Crawler and someone is ontop of the building or near the edge of the map you can fling them off and do devastating damage.
  • Near the building with a jukebox there is a gas tank. Do not stand next to it or someone can blow it up and you could die from it even if you're a survivor.
  • In one of the last floors on the main building there is a secret wall which you can destroy and climb up to the heli-pad.


  • The first map to have a secret entrance.
  • This is the only snow map to have christmas lights