The Monsters are another ultra-crucial part of Reason 2 Die: Remastered, as it would be a completely different game without them. They are referred to as zombies, infected individuals who fell victim to the SANI Virus and consume the brains of survivors. Couple of these zombies mutated into special infected, a category of zombies that have more abilities and strengths then normal zombies, although the objective of a regular infected is to swarm a group in large numbers.

Zombies you kill will reward you with in-game cash and prizes.

Monsters are currently being worked on by Reason 2 Die: Remastered development team, so expect this page to be updated soon.

R2DRBar CurrentMonsters


Zombie NewButtonZombie Tank NewButtonTank Smoker NewButtonSmoker Crawler NewButtonCrawler NewIcon Hunter2Hunter Boomer NewButton2Boomer
Elemental NewButton2Elemental


Duck NewButtonDuck GjghkFrank Sinatra CowboyButtonThe Cowboy


King cake 2King Cake LordPumpkin (1)Lord Pumpkin GatekeepMr.Frost


MinicallkeCake Minion SoulFetchersSoul Fetcher

                                                               Upcoming/Coming Soon

EdgarButtonEdgar Stalker-2-Stalker Cavebat NewButtonCavebat