This minigun has a fire rate faster than you can count, destroying tanks and anything in its path under 10 seconds.


The Minigun is the most Powerful weapon ingame. It can mow down all zombies in a matter of seconds, including Tanks.
Type of Weapon Primary Firearm
Rank 15
Price 55,000
Damage 55
Reload Time 4s
Ammo / Round 120/2 (360 total)
Firing Mode Auto
Implemented 4.7.14a


Ah, the classic quote by SWAGER21. The Minigun can, literally and in a figurative sense, mow down zombies. Its most common use is in FFA, all you have to do is just hold down your left mouse button and you're done. Keep in mind that the Minigun needs to get revved though, it takes around 1.5 seconds before you start to shoot with it. Don't expect to kill a Tank in a millisecond & don't expect to be invincible when you are spun up. You can easily die by the rock due to the Minigun's speed debuff while it is being held.


  • The Minigun slows you down, so don't use it too frequently.
  • Don't expect to last long with this thing, you can't refill when you're near an ammo box and you only get 360 rounds, no more.
    • Use the ammunition wisely, use it mostly on tanks or as a crowd control weapon.
  • Bring a sensible secondary like a MP5 or a Colt M1877 so you can use it if your Minigun ran out of ammo or if you're trying to conserve Minigun ammo.
  • You can remove the speed debuff while sprinting then equipping the Minigun.
  • Using the "/e sit" command while having the Minigun equipped will allow you to shoot under the floor for maps like oilrig.
  • Watch out for this in ffa, if you hear the barrel spin get behind a corner fast.
  • Be careful when you use this, as zombies will be able to deal damage to you if you start revving up while they are too close.
  • The Minigun can be a great weapon to bring on Boss, as it can deal over 19800 damage to a boss.


  • Running while unequipped with a gun then clicking on the Minigun icon makes you walk faster with it equipped (R2D 2014).
  • The Minigun was the first unrefillable weapon to be added in the game.
    • The second being the RPG-7
  • However, in Arcade Town (R2D 2014.) all, and every weapons could be refilled. Including the Minigun and RPG-7.
  • The Minigun is currently the highest damage output weapon, dealing over 19800 damage when fully used.
  • The Xmas Minigun is the only refillable minigun to exist in the game.