The nostalgia, everything's perfect about this gun! Nice look, decent damage, nice price! Oh wait, it's burst mode?

M16 is a Burst Assault Rifle. Good Crowd-Control weapon.
Type of Weapon Primary Firearm
Price 4,000$
Damage 34
Reload Time 2.4s
Ammo / Round 15/2 (45 total)
Firing Mode Burst
Implemented Before Alpha v0.0.1


This can 3 shot a normal zombie, so if they are jumping, kick them down and shoot them to conserve ammo. If you engage a tank with this weapon, go mid range since Tank blocks can 1 shot you. This gives you a chance to be spaced out. This weapon is a burst fire weapon so make sure every bullet counts. This weapon is effective on zombies but runs out of ammunition quite quickly, so do not spam the weapon.


  • The M16 is outclassed by the Sniper overall except for its ability to kill tanks easier.
  • The M16 can kill all infected besides tanks with 1 burst of 3 bullets considering you can land them.
  • You can turn this weapon into a mini-automatic by rapidly clicking to fire.
  • You can also turn this weapon into a semi-automatic by rapidly pressing SHIFT and clicking to fire.


  • First burst gun to be added in-game.
  • First weapon to be added in the R2D Remake.
  • In real life, some models of the M16 have burst, but it is capable of automatic fire.
  • The M16 model is shares more similarities with old M4 models than actual M16 models. This might explain why it is only burst fire as early M4 models are burst.
  • The M16 is not widely used due to the 3 shot burst limitation and slightly fast ammo consumption.
  • This is one of four first weapons that has been added into R2DR.