Items are a must-have for a guaranteed survival in R2D Remastered. Though some may be costly, they are most certainly going to bring you back profits if you use them wisely! Be warned, however. Some of these items may also have negative downside towards you if used incorrectly.

R2DRBar CurrentItems


These Items are currently within the game of R2DR!

NewIcon Grenade NewIcon Medkit NewIcon Pills ENRGY NewIcon Wrench
NewIcon Pipebomb NewIcon Molotov
Event Items

These are special items only obtainable through specific events!

Redder gift
Tophat Gift
NewIcon HalloweenBomb(FIX) NewIcon Snowball NewIcon Candycane NewIcon Cake
  Unobtainable (HALLOWEEN)   Unobtainable (HALLOWEEN)   Unobtainable (HALLOWEEN)  Ingame (CHRISTMAS and SBF)        Ingame       (CHRISTMAS) Ingame (UNIVERSAL)
Chest Red Frost Gift Blue Chill Gift Green Gift Blue Gift Golden Gift
Ingame (UNIVERSAL) Unobtainable (CHRISTMAS) Unobtainable (CHRISTMAS) Unobtainable (CHRISTMAS) Unobtainable (CHRISTMAS) Unobtainable (CHRISTMAS)
Unobtainable (CHRISTMAS)
Upcoming Items

These items will (probably) be soon added to R2DR!

NewIcon Baseball Tazor BUNNY NewIcon Landmine NewIcon C4
Emp-0 Clusternade 2 NewIcon Hammer Supporter Gift KZK
Removed Items

These Items are not within the game of R2DR anymore.