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This hasn't been added to R2DR

This feature hasn't been added to R2DR yet, however, it may in the future

Infection Maps
Blackfield Station New Bloxcoast


Infection [INF] is a gamemode in which the survivors must avoid taking damage of any kind whether it be damage from a zombie to taking fall damage. After you have been infected the Virus side bar (from Anti-Virus Objective) will show up on the right-hand corner. To cure yourself, you will need to use a healing item. It takes 1-3 minutes to reach 100% meaning you need to heal within that time otherwise you will die.


  • Using Pills will only reset the bar as after the initial full health, your health will decrease meaning you 'take' damage.
  • Using a health vest is very buggy here as the game will think you have taken initial damage at the start of the game meaning you need a healing item 1 minute into the round.
    • Using the Golden Ribbon is even more glitchy, as after you have healed 100% your virus bar will not go away, causing death.
  • Bringing healing items (such as the Candycane or Medkit) is recommended as the supply boxes won't always give you healing items.
  • Self harming will still trigger the virus bar.


  • This is the least common gamemode out of the 'common' gameplay gamemodes.
    • Because of this, this is one of the least favored gamemodes in R2D.
  • This can be considered the R2D form of what is now Rapid Infection in R2DA, with different mechanics.