A hammer that doesn't work 90% of the time! YAY!

Hammer 1
A weapon formerly wielded by Mr Frost himself, capable of freezing your opponent on contact.
Type of Item Secondary Weapon
Price 150R$ (Gamepass)
Damage 20
Effects Freezes Zombies + Stun
Numbers of Hits 1
Energy Usage ~5
Dropped by Mr Frost
Implemented v6.6


The Ice Sledge is an event weapon, dropped by Mr Frost. It has the unique ability of being able to freeze any zombie on hit (exceptions being Tanks, Elementals and AI zombies). Although it can't freeze AI zombies, it can instantly kill them in one blow.

Background Information

The Ice Sledge is an ice hammer, used by Mr Frost to fight the survivors. After his defeat, a smaller version of the weapon is dropped for one lucky survivor to collect and use. It's very lightweight, allowing the survivors to swing it with ease, though it is also very clunky, making it hard to carry.


  • The Ice Sledge has a "cooldown" after every click, so don't spam frequently.
  • You're slowed down heavily when swinging the Ice Sledge, so try not to use it as an escape weapon.


  • Also called the Ice Hammer'.
  • The Ice Sledge is the second event weapon in the game, with the first being the Halloween Guns.
  • The Ice Sledge is first of it's kind to have a unique freezing ability.
  • The Ice Sledge does take energy to swing.
  • The Ice Sledge is only obtainable during event, although it's NOT an event item.
  • The Ice Sledge, as with any other weapon, it stays forever once you've got it.
  • Part of the Christmas Event 2014.
  • Considered the ancestor of the Ice Staff of Reason 2 Die: Awakening.