One of the few weapons worse off in R2D than R2DA. That's if you consider the Glock and Steyr M the successor to this gun. At least Glock didn't put copyright over it.

The Handgun is a startout weapon for all newcomers. It's the weakest weapon ingame.
Type of Weapon Secondary Firearm
Price 0$
Damage 20
Reload Time 1.8s
Ammo / Round 8/2 (24 total)
Firing Mode Semi-Auto
Implemented Before Alpha v0.0.1


Clearly, this is the weakest starter ever. In R2DA, the MP5, Glock 26 and Steyr M are all much stronger even though they don't use ray-casted bullets. Noobs stand no chance against zombies it seems.

Background Information

The word "pistol" is often synonymous with the word "handgun". Some handgun experts make a technical distinction that views pistols as a subset of handguns. Sometimes in usage, the term "pistol" refers to a handgun having one chamber integral with the barrel, making pistols distinct from the other main type of handgun, the revolver, which has a revolving cylinder containing multiple chambers. But UK/Commonwealth usage often does not make this distinction. For example, the official designation of the Webley Mk VI was "Pistol, Revolver, Webley No. 1 Mk VI", and the designation "Pistol No. 2 Mk I" was used to refer to both the Enfield Revolver and the later Browning Hi-Power semi-automatic.


  • The Handgun is uneffective against Special Zombies.
  • Anything is better than this so buy something else.
  • For starters, to make efficiency out of this weapon, try to lock on your cursor to any zombie in your vicinity. When they move, follow up on them and move your cursor as well. This will help your accuracy with the weapon.


  • Required no ammo before Alpha.
    • Despite this, attempting to run while holding it then would result in it being broken for the rest of the round.
  • The Handgun was not visible on the Store before (R2D 2014).
  • The Handgun is the weakest weapon.
  • The Handgun is a startout weapon.
  • The model seems to be based off of the Colt M1911.
  • The first and only free weapon.
  • This is one of four first weapons that has been added into R2DR.
  • This has been buffed by 5 damage in R2DR, making the damage 20 per bullet now.
  • If you are brand new, don't forget to equip this in your inventory.