The Halloween Event was launched to celebrate, yes you guessed it, Halloween. It contained a strong new boss mob known as Lord Pumpkin. If defeated, the winners can gain a special Halloween Vest that doesn't cost anything and can be used indefinitely.

Another thing about this event is that it contains an obby part, thus introduced the new gamemode: OBBY. In the obby you can achieve one of two goals: Unlock the "vote for Lord Pumpkin" or find the Halloween Bomb, which is a side obby part in stage one.

Exclusive Items

Exclusive Armors

  • Halloween Vest

Exclusive Mobs

  • Lord Pumpkin
  • Soul Fetchers

Exclusive Maps

  • Lord Pumpkin
  • Halloween Obby

Exclusive Gamemodes

  • Boss [BOSS]
  • Obby [OBBY]


  • The Halloween Event 2014 released the first event vest (Halloween Vest)
  • King Cake and the "Cake" feature return from the 8 million visits event.
  • Zombies were decorated as pumpkins and Halloween related items.