"But Inteque, how do we use pumpkins as explosives with their sole purpose is to spread confetti?" you might ask. Well, MAGIC!

Lord Pumpkin
This pumpkin-shaped bomb explodes into confetti after a few seconds when dropped.
Type of Item Event Item
Price Obtainable VIA Chest
How to achieve Found in a Chest in the first area of the Halloween Obby (R2D 2014) (R2DR)
Implemented v6.4


Confetti and Mixtapes! The things this item sprays in the air (minus the mixtapes). Unfortunately, it doesn't stop the apocalypse in its tracks so you're better off with a Grenade.


  • The Halloween Bomb is occasionally able to fling zombies if dropped properly.
    • Other then that, it's pretty useless.


  • The Halloween Bomb has a mesh similar of that used for Lord Pumpkin.
  • The Halloween Bomb is able to fling the user.
  • The Halloween Bomb's Confetti is rarely able to glitch another players leg, causing them to sink into the baseplate if they step on the one stud of confetti. The glitch is "harmless" considering it only applies to that one stud.
  • The only explosive not to deal any damage.
  • Returned to R2DA as the Hallows Bomb.
    • Unlike R2DA this is will be in your inventory forever.
  • This was only available in the Halloween Obby, but you had to go on a special path, away from the path the takes you to the chest.
    • You would have trouble completing it if you lost your legs from the first obstacle.
  • This was removed in v6.5.
  • If hit by a thrown Rambo Knife It will proceed to glitch out and fling into the air.
    • You could turn this into a makeshift firework doing this glitch, as it explodes confetti while airborne.