Fly me to the moon...

Frank Sinatra
This special Zombie is the rarest Infected in the game. It is based off of the artist Frank Sinatra.
Cost N/A
Reward 10$
Health 100 HP
Speed 19
Implemented After V.5a


Scratch: 5-10 DMG


Frank Sinatra is a rare type of Zombie. One in a thousand of all zombies will spawn with a Microphone. If equipped, it will play "Fly Me To The Moon" by Frank Sinatra. Their appearance will change as well, giving a distinct look to the player.

Disadvantages and Advantages


  • Doesn't do anything special.
  • Easily killed.
  • More or less a regular zombie that can sing.


  • Sings, distracting survivors.
  • Slightly faster than survivors.
  • Still better than the boomer which is a special infected.
  • Makes a good human shield for special zombies.


  • Frank Sinatra is the most rare Infected.
  • Frank Sinatra is not purchaseable.
  • If you're lucky enough to get this zombie, you'll be given a Microphone tool to play the song "Fly me to the Moon".