Oh, they're going to have to glue you back together...

This vest allow the user to do stupid stuff with explosives.
Type of Vest Resistance booster
Price 10$
Effect 90% Blast resistance
Implemented v.5


One of the most used vests ingame because of the 90% explosive resistance, which made it easy to use C4, Mines, and perhaps most importantly the Chinalake. However, it does not protect you from the RPG-7, as 10% of it's damage is still enough to kill you in one hit.


  • Pairing this vest with any explosive is a good and a common tactic.
    • C4 is the most used one with this vest.
    • Note that RPG-7 will still instantly kill you, even if you wear this.
  • Because this massively reduces explosive damage, you can use explosions to achieve great heights at the cost of some health.
    • This is easiest done with the C4.