You'll be set to burning!

—Racing Steel
The Firebreather is one of the Special Infected. All Firebreathers appear to be transparent. They can be purchased for 145$ and has a Kill Reward of 30$
Cost 145$
Reward 30$
Health 100 HP
Speed 19
Implemented V6.4


Fire Spit: Spits a ball of fire. Fire damage. Consumes 30 energy.
F key
Fire Drop: Drops a ring of fire. Fire damage. Consumes 70 energy.


Firebreathers are creatures that's made of pure fire and a solid hat (if they have any). Their appearance is barely possible to understand due to the transparency and the fire surrounding its body. Firebreathers, called by Firespitters by some, are Special Infected that can Fire Drop and Fire Spit from a long distance. Fire Drop lasts for a good amount of time, but it uses 70% stamina to be triggered, making them unable to do Fire Spit afterwards, multiple times. Fire Spit uses up to 30% of the stamina, and if the spit collides properly with a survivor, the survivor will continue to take burn damage and will drain more than half (for non and standard vest users) of his health. Also it's known that they can also heal by touching draining fire of any kind; from their own Fire Drop or from Molotovs. Firebreathers are considered the Sniper Class of the game.

Disadvantages and Advantages


  • Fire Spit and Fire Drop consume energy.
  • Difficult to hit survivors.
  • Particles reveal appearance.
  • Completely useless against fireproof vests.


  • High damage from fire spit.
  • Burn damage from scratch attacks.
  • Long range spits.
  • Near transparent body.
  • Can heal in fire sources like a molotov.
  • Easily kills campers with a fire drop.


  • The Firebreathers spit fire through some walls and thin barriers.
  • The Firebreather is commonly used for long range shots or dropping fire around an escape vehicle.


  • Replaced by the Elemental.
  • First R2D:R Mob to get Removed but added back In