Elimination Maps
The Port No Mercy
New Bloxcoast Outskirts
Boathouse Holdout
Oilrig DeadPlaza
Portland Lay By


Elimination [ELI] is a gamemode which a team of survivors must kill 100 zombies (not including AI). There are mostly a medium amount of zombies, depending on the difficulty and server size. There is no time limit but normally, rounds last 4-6 minutes.

While it was introduced later then Survival and Objective, it later became a main gamemode for many maps such as Boathouse and Holdout.


  • You can kill zombies in any way, it will still count as a death, even if you don't get the money.
  • As a zombie, pressing backspace will contribute a death to the counter so don't do it unless needed.
  • Camping isn't advised here, as there isn't a time limit to win and zombies could spawn more often.
  • Tanks are seen often, equip some Tank-mowing items such as the RPG-7.


  • This gamemode is most widely used in the game, tied with Survival.
  • There is a glitch where the bar that shows the number of remaining zombies goes into the negatives, this will usually happen when more than 100 zombies have been killed.