You'll be set to burning! Oh wait, you'll also be set to freezing.

—Racing Steel
The Elemental is one of the Special Infected. It can transform into a fire-form or an ice-form. He can be purchased for 145$ and the Kill Reward is 30$
Cost 145$
Reward 30$
Health 100 HP
Speed 16
Implemented N/A


Fire/Ice Spit: Spits fire or ice. Players will receive fire damage or be frozen. Consumes 30 energy.
F key
Fire/Ice Drop: Drops a ring of fire or ice. Players will receive fire damage or be frozen. Consumes 70 energy.
E key
Transform: Transforms between the two forms. Consumes 70 energy.


The Elemental is a beast that has two different forms: one being an ice-form, and the other being a fire-form. While in ice-form, your primary ability is to freeze players for a long time, hence making players very vulnerable to zombies, such as the Hunter, Cavebat, and Tank. Ice-form elementals can also be used to effectively to fling players off the map by doing an ice drop. While in fire-form, your primary ability is to deal damage, although not being able to freeze players, you can deal a heck load of damage to unsuspecting survivors by using the fire spit at them, and better yet, with a well placed fire drop, you can get a few kills, that's if the survivors aren't wearing fireproof vests. You can also do devastating combos by freezing a player, then transforming into fire-form to constantly burn the frozen player until death. Overall, this zombie is a beast, do not mess around with one...

Disadvantages and Advantages


  • Difficult to hit survivors with abilities.
  • Light reveals where you are if you are around a corner or nearby.
  • When in ice-form, you can't deal damage to survivors.
  • When in fire-form, you are useless against fireproof vests.
  • When in ice-form, you are useless against iceproof vests.
  • The stamina consumption is very high and regens slowly so constant spamming is not possible.


  • When in ice-form, you can freeze survivors for a long time, making them vulnerable to nearby zombies.
  • When in fire-form, you can deal a lot of damage that continues burning survivors.
  • Near transparent body and bright light makes you harder to see if moving around.
  • With a well placed fire drop and you can camp around it and spam another firedrop.
  • Ice drop can fling survivors.
  • Long range spits.


  • Freezing a player in ice-form, and then transforming into fire-form to burn the player is a good combo.
  • You can heal health from natural fires and weapons such as the Flamethrower.


  • This replaced the Firebreather in R2D 2014.
  • First zombie to have two different variants.
  • In Reason 2 Die: Awakening, the Elemental has an electric form instead of ice, and can charge as many nearby Brutes possible when transforming below 100 HP.