Have an ENRGY drink, since Energy Drink is apparently copyrighted! This drink contains so much sugar that your heart will stop in an instant! WARNING: WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANYTHING THAT HAPPENS TO YOU.

The ENRGY is an item that can be used 3 times per round and restores all of your energy boost bar.
Type of Item Energy Boost
Uses 3
Price 12$
Implemented v.5


This drink contains so much sugar that your heart stops in an instant! Buy now for only the cheap price of 12$! This item is really useful when you are smacking zombies with your bat, as that takes quite a lot of energy to swing and trust me, you don't want to run out of energy while you're smacking Tanks.. Or when you want to run away from a horde, and you run out of energy. Don't fear! ENRGY man is here! Just take a sip of the drink and you're good to go! Run faster than the Flash himself!


  • Will make a great combo with any melee weapon.
  • Unlike other consumables, you do not need to wait for the entire animation to play to receive the effect.


  • First consumable that has more than one use
  • First drink in-game
  • 1st item to have PlaceRebuilder's face on it.