Dead Pizza

Made by ExternalCode
Gamemodes Survival [SRV]
Elimination [ELI]
Ammo Stations 5
Supply Boxes 0
Implemented Remastered v0.0.1


This new map is a large section of a mall infested with zombies. It features many shops, restaurants, a mini-cinema and an underground car lot with a blocked entrance.


  • Stay Alive
  • Circling around the escalator while sprinting can be an effective way to escape a horde and refill your ammo.
  • The giant glass window in the back of the map can be shot and broken, creating a passageway from the small broadcast room onto the near area of the parking lot. Also with that, 2 ammo stations being near the broadcast room, can be used to refill as you make an escape or seek higher ground.


  • Was originally called "Ultimart" when made in R2D 2014.
  • This map has been festivised during the Christmas Part 1 Update.