Crawlers, annoying as hell of a zombie they are. Normal Zombies that decided walking ain't enough and rely on crawling is an easier way to get around places. If that isn't bad enough, they will stop at no cost to eat the brains of unlucky survivors.

—Anonymous Survivor
The Crawler is one of the Special Infected. All Crawlers appear to sit idly. He can be purchased for 20$ and the Kill Reward is 20$
Cost 20$
Reward 20$
Health 100 HP
Speed Fast
Implemented 4.7.14a


Scratch: 10 DMG


Crawlers are zombies that gave up on walking and decided that crawling is an easier way to move around and eating fresh meat from survivors with impressive agility, making them the fastest zombie. Their willpower to eat the survivors' brains is so high that they do everything to avoid the bullets, by doing zig-zags and bunny hopping, making it difficult to kill or damage a crawler. One of the Crawlers once put a C4 on his back and other Crawlers admired his idea, so it became a popular thing for them: die explosively in the survivor's face. The Crawler is considered the Ninja Class of the game.

Disadvantages and Advantages


  • Climbing trusses are very difficult.
    • This includes ladders, although it isn't impossible, it is unlikely you'll get up one.
  • They have the same amount of health as a zombie, and are not very resilient to damage.
  • If shoved or stunned, can be easily killed off by survivors.
  • Recovering from a stun or shove will take longer than other zombies.


  • Cheap and much better then a normal zombie.
  • Can purchase a very effective C4 and explode at survivors, at the price of 100$ in the LIVE store.
  • Fast speed.
  • Can fit through small gaps.


  • The Crawler is difficult to kill or snipe when it’s zig-zagging and bunny-hopping, making the sniper not a good option. However, shotguns are recommend because of the spread.
  • The Crawler can self detonate with C4 by pressing Backspace.
  • The Crawler can be used to knock a survivor off the seat of a vehicle at the last few seconds.
  • If you plan to attack a survivor with C4, don't attack them if they have a Flak Vest or you'll do little damage.


  • The Crawler is considered the most common special infected.
  • The Crawler was considered overpowered when the C4 was implemented since players can be flung off the map with ease.
  • There is a rare variant of the C4 Crawler when detonates; it causes a white screen. It is called the "Flashbang Crawler" which is possibly a bug.
  • The Crawler is the first zombie to have a LIVE Store upgrade which is the C4 attachment.
  • Has the same kill reward as the Boomer.
  • They have a odd animation when moving.
  • It is unknown why they sit when idle, but it could be since they run on all fours like a animal.
  • Crawlers have an increased chance of spawning in the map Lay By.