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This hasn't been added to R2DR

This feature hasn't been added to R2DR yet, however, it may in the future

And this is why the grenade is arguably the best weapon in the ga-.... hold on, a grenade that explodes and then splits into 6 smaller grenades? Forget what I said. This is arguably the best weapon in the game.

Clusternade 2
The Clusternade is an explosive item. It will explode a few seconds after being thrown. It then splits into 6 smaller grenades that explode again.
Type of Item Explosive
Price 60$
Damage Differentiated
Blast Radius 25 Studs + 6 x 20 Studs
Implemented N/A


Clusternade seems like a weird compound word. I guess cluster means compressed or packed. And I guess, there's a Grenade involved but it seems like a completely stupid name for an item that does some good. Until you are too close to the blast. Then say goodbye to your kids. And your family.


  • The Clusternade's power can instantly wreck a tank.
  • The Clusternade is most effective at decimating hordes of Zombies.
  • The Clusternade has a higher chance to hit a zombie than the regular grenade because of its huge final blast.


  • The Clusternade's model is The Specialist's grenade.
  • The original model for the Clusternade was a grenade with a darker texture (R2D 2014).
  • Very useful to use when you are the last survivor alive and want to farm cash.