Winter event2


Yes, grab your festive beer and festive treats, it's Christmas! The first in a line of (so far) three R2D/R2DA Christmas Events although this was the only one in R2D itself.

The time when Christ was born is worth celebrating! He's given us forgiveness for our sins and a life with him all we have to do is accept it. So now you have to accept that R2D once again go nuts over another period of time! Snowball fights, Boss fights, special christmas gifts AND MORE was added in this event.

Exclusive Weapons

Exclusive Items

Exclusive Armors

  • Golden Ribbon
  • Christmas Vest

Exclusive Maps

  • GateKeeper
  • Toy Factory - (Permanent)

Exclusive Mobs

  • Mr Frost

Exclusive Gamemodes

  • Boss [BOSS]
  • Snowball Fight [SBF] - (Permanent)

Holiday Themed Maps

  • New BloxCoast
  • Dead Vacation
  • Campfire Chaos


  • King Cake and the "Cake" feature returns to R2D (as always).
  • Christmas Gifts or presents cannot be opened until Christmas Day (25/12/2014).
  • First in a line of Christmas Events on the R2D Series.
  • Probably, the largest event in R2D.
  • Zombies were decorated as Christmas related items.