Containing mostly a huge variety of the goods we take for granted, Chests like these are a sight for sore eyes. Just cross your fingers and hope it isn't empty...

—=( Lost Ratchet )=
Chests are only dropped by Boss mobs or found in special maps. They can contain just about anything.
Type of Item Misc. Item
Dropped by King Cake, Lord Pumpkin, Mr. Frost
Found in King Cake, Lord Pumpkin, Mr. Frost, Halloween Obby
Rewards Depends On Map/Circumstances
Implemented N/A


There are good chests and bad ones. That is completely random on what you get but most the times it will be good. As you know, these are very good rewards for you, but it just seems depressing when you get nothing. This can also give you that good old bragging rights. So you want this if you are to continue on your advances into the apocalypse. Then again where do these come? Thin air? Or the atmosphere?


  • There's a chest for everyone, so no need to rush.
  • Once you get a chest, you remain stuck there forever.


  • Once capturing a chest, the player is left in a glorious stance, celebrating his/her victory.
  • There is a small chance of getting an empty chest from King Cake or Halloween Obby.
  • You can get items that are above your rank if you find them in chests (King Cake and Halloween Obby).
  • On Lord Pumpkin, Chests contain Halloween Vests but if you already have it, it will contain money.
  • On Mr. Frost, Chests only contain money.