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This hasn't been added to R2DR

This feature hasn't been added to R2DR yet, however, it may in the future

I belive I can fly!

The Cavebat is the first flying player-controlled mob. This beast can be purchased for 50$ and the kill reward is 20$.
Cost 50$
Reward 20$
Health 100 HP
Speed 6 - 40 (Ground - Airborne)
Implemented N/A


Flap: Fly
F key
Dash: Goes twice as fast as normal flying and when it hits a survivor, stuns them. Consumes 75 energy.
E key
Spit: 25 DMG. Spits white objects. Deals headshot damage. Consumes 30 energy.


The Cavebat is another mind-infected animal that succumbed to the infection during the days of 2014 Halloween when the SANI Virus had crossed species. It gave rise to a dangerous mob as this one, with heavily mutated saliva glands that allow projectiles of spit to damage survivors with precise aim and range. They have can even fly through players and trip them. The Cavebat is considered the sniper class, as well as a support class of the game.

Disadvantages and Advantages


  • Instantly dies when a EMP Grenade is placed anywhere on the map.
  • They cannot break doors or windows easily.
  • They use a lot of energy compared to other zombies.


  • They can dash survivors off tall structures, leading them to their death or critical health.
  • The spit can easily kill low health survivors.
  • Cavebats can easily find survivors that are camping with their small size and flight ability.
  • Very small and nimble when flying, making it hard to kill and can really cause a distraction to survivors.


  • Use the EMP Grenade to kill Cavebats effectively.
  • Use the Flamethrower, due to the penetration, to kill Cavebats.


  • The Cavebat is mentioned in-game on the Menu Screen, "Is cavebats only a myth?", in the 2014 - 2015 R2D.
  • The Cavebat is the first and currently only zombie in R2D that can fly.
  • The Cavebat is the second animal in R2D, next to the duck.