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This is missing something!

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Although it's the zombie apocalypse, who says we can't roast some marshmallows over the fire?

Campfire Chaos
Made by PlaceRebuilder (R2D 2014)

Mattgrant (R2DR)

Gamemodes Survival [SRV]
Objective [OBJ]
Free For All [FFA]
Ammo Stations 3
Supply Boxes ?
Implemented Alpha v0.0.4


Campfire Chaos is an original map which appeared in the R2D 2012 Revamp, and has since been one of the easiest maps in R2D Series.

The map appears to be two islands in the middle of the ocean, with a small wooden bridge connecting both islands together. It contains mostly-nature props other than the two buildings.


  • There are no invisible walls, do take care when near the edge.
    • Watch out for smokers inside the bush near the bridge. if you are not careful they can easily pull you off the the edge of the map.
  • Tanks can be easily shot off the building using grenades, chinalakes and RPGs.
  • Remember that the electric fence near the house can kill you!


  • This map is most known for its easy Objective.
  • Even though the Objective mode has been added, there is still no Free For All mode implemented into it as of v6.4.