The cake is an item that, once touched, heals 50 HP. Currently only way to get a cake is to say "cake" while being a survivor. Only works once per round.

Type of Item Health Boost
Price Can't be bought
Heals 50 HP
Implemented N/A


Tasty. Sugary. Healthy? Ok that was a lame pun but, hey, it gives health so I guess it is healthy... King Cake will not be pleased. Abusing foods is wrong you know.


  • Free and can be used at anytime.
    • Be aware of a low roof, however, as the cake may spawn on top of the roof and may not reach you.
    • Other players may steal your cake by standing on your head.
  • Type in the chat "cake" without the quotations to obtain a cake.
    • You can copy and paste the word "cake" on another place. Using the copy and paste method can help you heal faster than typing it down, as a matter of milliseconds can mean a lot between dying and absorbing a few more hits.
  • Other survivors can eat your cake, either by standing on top of you with enough vertical space, or you quickly running away from the spot you said cake. Use this to heal other survivors in need and if you feel like you can survive.


  • Initially only for the 8M Event, this can also be used when King Cake was around (R2D 2014).
  • Sometimes, the cake only heals 45 HP instead of 50 HP.
  • Used to fully heal health, but later was nerfed.
  • Zombies were able to eat any survivors' cake, but now can't do so.