—Average Player
Cafe County
Made by GammaShock
Gamemodes Farm [FARM]
Ammo Stations 6
Supply Boxes 4
Implemented Remastered V.1.3


Cafe County is a small concrete island in the middle of the ocean. If you ignore the inconvenience and strangeness of the setting, there are numerous places to establish a base at.

Only Admins can vote for this, due to the fact this wasn't in R2D 2014.


  • Despite being quite small compared to other maps, it's quite spacious in some areas.
    • You might find yourself running out of stamina quite often when running to different areas.
  • Due to the small size of the map, spawn killing can be a problem here.
  • You can climb the large tree near the cafe for a hidden perch in the leaves. It's suitable for camping.


  • This map was first used in R2DA
  • During development, the Fire Department was originally another building under construction.
    • PlaceRebuilder told GammaShock to change the building into a fire station.
  • JohnMaribs and Johncena2305alt1 have both helped GammaShock with creating some models on the map.
  • This map is similar to Arcade Town from R2D 2014. Some advertising from that map can be seen here as well.
  • There is a poster on the cafe showing the thumbnail from R2D 2014's Rambo Knife update.
  • There is only one gamemode for this map, which is FARM.
    • This gamemode is exclusive to this map.
    • FARM is esentially just Elimination