I don't remember boathouses being this huge.

Made by ChuckXZ
Gamemodes Elimination [ELI]
Ammo Stations 5
Supply Boxes ?
Implemented Remastered V.1.3


Boathouse takes place at a pleasure dock.

The boathouse is located in an enclosed island with a lake, the main boathouse, a cabin, a picnic area, and a dock.

This map is based off the boathouse finale in L4D.


  • Since it is an open map, try to avoid oncoming hordes.
  • The wide space, well placed ammo stations, and using an automatic gun can make a perfect opportunity to become a living sentry gun.
  • Long ranged weapons such as the Sniper or Thompson work efficiently here.
  • Get some physical activity going! The large, wide map always supports running away in random directions to help escape any danger.
  • Tank boulders are easy to dodge, unless you are very close to it.


  • This was the last map to be added to R2D 2014.
  • This map has been winter festivised during the Christmas Part 1 Event.