Ah, a personal favorite location of mine in the apocalypse!

Blackfield Station
Made by LeBombastique
Gamemodes Survival [SRV]
Infection [INF]
Capture The Flag [CTF]
Ammo Stations N/A
Supply Boxes N/A
Implemented N/A


Blackfield Station takes place in a bus station on a road in the middle of nowhere, there seems to be rivers that go through the station.


  • Stay with your teammates and don't die, you'll never know if a zombie will go after you and kill you.
  • Since this map is pretty open, bringing explosives can be effective.
  • People in the back seats will not win, so don't stay in the back seats when the bus comes.
  • The areas on the river under the highway are good for camping.


  • You can hide right where the bridge meets the highway.
  • Remade in R2DA, with the same name.