Ran out of ammo? Don't worry as you're wielding the greatest weapon humanity had ever known, something so destructive that everyone will fear you... except that only happens in movies. Don't think about using this 24/7.

The Bat is a melee weapon, use this to stun zombies.
Type of Weapon Secondary Melee
Price 3,500$
Damage 25
Effects Stun + Trip
Implemented Before Alpha v0.0.1


The perfect melee weapon for beginners. Trips zombies so you can finish them off with a gun. It's not recommended to go around and smacking zombies with the Bat to kill them though, as it will take you 4 swings to finish a normal zombie off. You're better off hitting a zombie with the Bat and then shooting them. Though this thing looks awesome, it also eats up your energy. I'd recommend bringing an energy boosting item, for example the ENRGY. Trust me, running out of energy while you are smacking zombies with this awesome looking bat is no fun. Tanks will probably utterly destroy you with a rock after smacking them in the face with this Bat, but at least the smacking sound sounds satisfying!


  • The Bat can break doors, planks and windows. Great if you're getting trolled by someone with a hammer.
  • Takes a lot of energy to swing, bringing an energy boosting item like the ENRGY Drink is recommended.
  • Recommended to buy this instead of the Crowbar due to its low damage.


  • First melee to be added in-game.
  • Used to be the most preferred weapon in the game, until they added Rambo Knife.
  • When hit by this, green sparkles will be emitted..
  • This is one of four first weapons that have been added into R2DR.