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This hasn't been added to R2DR

This feature hasn't been added to R2DR yet, however, it may in the future

I really wish that you can hit a baseball with the baseball bat. I would love to see tha- wait, you can? OH BOY!


Baseball Icon
The baseball is one of the cheapest items in R2D. It will trip an enemy if traveling over 100 studs/seconds, causing a harm of 5 HP.
Price 5$
Damage 5 HP
Effects Trip
Implemented N/A


Pretty much the Rambo or the Bat but for a long range. The damage is also pretty bad, so don't expect to be able to 1v1 a Tank with this item. There's not really much to say about this item, it's just a baseball.


  • Use this if you're too scared to use the Rambo or the Bat on a Tank.
  • Great for trolling Tanks, as it can trip any zombie.


  • You CAN hit the baseball with a Bat. If you do manage to do that, the baseball will emit purple sparkles.
    • This does nothing else, so it is purely cosmetic.
  • The initial velocity of the baseball is 200 studs/seconds.
  • The baseball can trip any mob, this includes bosses.